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Promotion, Motivation, Highlights...


Highlight packages filmed from either Pitchside or from a Stand/Gantry uploaded to YouTube to promote your club/organisation.

British Army vs Royal Navy - 'Best Shots' Highlights Package

British Army Women vs South Africa Women 'Best Shots' Highlights Package



Promotional videos for your team centred around a theme/event to upload to YouTube and share via websites and social media.

British Army American Football Association - Training Camp Teaser

British Army Sailing Association - Army Championships Windsurfing

Semesa Rokoduguni - Army Rugby Union Tribute

Army Rugby Union - 2022 'Best of' Montage

British Army Netball Association - Army Championships Montage



Get your team ready for the big game with a motivational video for the team to watch prior to their Final.

British Army Rugby Senior XV - Pre Game Montage vs Royal Navy

"JPF sports media has worked with the Army rugby union for several seasons and through the innovative and inspirational montages has helped me create a culture and environment that has enabled the Army team to be Defence World Champions and competitive at premiership level.


I would recommend JPF Sports Media to anyone trying to get the coaches message across and create a winning culture in team sports."


         - Andy Sanger, Army Rugby Union Head Coach 2010-12 & 2015-18 

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