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Founded in 2005, JPF Sports Media has since gone on to work with many established Teams and Organisations.



JPF Sports Media


Hello, I'm a Self Employed Sports Videographer based in north Hampshire with a focus on Rugby but I also cover a variety of other sports including; Football, Tennis, American Football, Hockey, Basketball.
My main passion is filming action on the pitch and producing promotional content edits that effectively highlight the strengths of my clients' teams, engaging fans and sponsors alike.

I'm a solo 'run & gun' style shooter producing post match content and focus on delivering bitesize match highlights initially following a game for team Social Media Channels as well as then providing extended highlights/full match packages.

Filming on Canon C70, Edit using MacBook Pro & Final Cut Pro.

I began my Sports Videography journey in 2006. I have amassed experience collaborating with teams and organisations, helping enhance their brand presence and promoting events.

I consider myself a friendly, passionate and hard working person and have enjoyed building partnerships and working with many teams over the years showcasing the best action on the pitch to help promote their team/brand.

I am presently employed as the Videographer for The British Army Rugby Union, Royal Engineers Corps Rugby Team, Reading RFC, REME Rugby League, and have worked with several other sports organisations. I produce pre and post game video for highlights and promotional purposes including use on Social Media platforms.

Examples of my works can be found on my website, YouTube Channel and Instagram.

JPF Twickenham

JPF Twickenham



British Army Rugby Team 2017

British Army Rugby Team 2017

Army Team photo prior to 100th Navy match at Twickenham.

Army 7s Defence Rugby Champions 2012

Army 7s Defence Rugby Champions 2012

Celebrating with the British Army 7s team as they win the International Defence Rugby 7s Competition, Denver, Colorado, 2012

"From something that started out as a hobby, sports videography has grown into a big passion for me. I enjoy capturing moments on the pitch and getting close to the action, looking for shots that stands out above the rest."

JPF ARU Filming Eve
JPF Filming Silhouette 20220109_-_Reading_RFC_Kites_v_Wallingford_Quins-55-(ZF-0139-71757-
JPF Twickenham Filming1_edited

"Since 2010, Jonathan Fowke of JPF Sports Media has supported the Army Rugby Union 7s team in producing first class game analysis material and promotional media. A consummate professional that will go the extra mile to produce professional results that has been used by the major national media companies without you noticing him during training or playing. His passion and drive is clearly evident in every production he has produced and he is an excellent ambassador and gentlemen which sets him stand out from the crowd. A truly talented young man with a great future ahead of him. Without doubt, JPF Sports Media has assisted in the development of the teams' performance on the rugby field and I would unreservedly recommend him to any organisation to promote or develop a produce or skill."

- John Voss, Former Army 7s Team Manager

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